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The National Hair & Skin Journal

Men and women today are increasingly turning to science to maintain their health and their vitality. One of the most exciting areas is the use of electrical energy to stimulate cells or tissue in the human body. Readers of the National Hair Journal are already familiar with the benefits of low level laser light therapy to promote hair growth, but great hair with tired skin is not a complete anti-aging solution. Today, we bring you news about a parallel technology that offers dramatic skin rejuvenation results.

Celebrity Testimonials

Many celebrities have chosen the neurotris microcurrent machines instead of other more evasive treatments out on the market to achieve a younger, more youthful look... See what they are saying about it here!

Vogue Magazine

Vogue magazine calls the SX-4000 Pro Ultimate Body System the "Miracle Machine." In the Beauty, Health, and Fitness, Body Special section, Marina Rust announces on page 626 that she discovers an arm-toning, waist-cinching, thigh-whittling machine that promises miracles in minutes! Read about it here!

Rachael Ray

Michelle, 26, says she hates her "muffin-top." In the past 18 months, Michelle has gained about 20 pounds, mostly around the middle of her 5-foot-1-inch frame. "I try not to look in the mirror all that often," she admits. "I am uncomfortable with what's reflected back at me." Michelle takes a trip to Beauty by Mary Schook, where she receives a treatment of the SX-4000 Pro Ultimate Body System, which claims to trim inches and tone muscles by stimulating the body's blood flow and cellular metabolism.

Messenger Online

Topanga News Calls the SX-4000 Pro, "Sally's Magic Machine"... Sally Powell, of Sienna Skin Care, informs us about how the SX-4000 Pro has save her business! Read about it here!

News Channel 3

Lori Crete, of Spa - 10 in Palm Desert, talks about how the SX-4000 microcurrent system is becoming the new non-surgical option. The SX-4000 body treatment, speeds up our natural fat burning processes, increase circulation, conditions and tones the skin, and removes toxins. Clients say it is not only shrinking dimples, but inches as well. A local mother of 3, battling cellulite, puts the SX-4000 body treatment to the test. In 2 weeks and 4, 45miniute sessions later: the client lost 3 1/2 inches in the abdomen and a total of 9 inches from the top, to the bottom of the thigh. The more often you do the treatments, the more you will have an everlasting result!